Communication Guidelines for Chairholders

Public Announcement of Chair Appointments

When can I publicly announce my Canada Excellence Research Chairs appointment?

In keeping with standard Government of Canada practice, Canada Excellence Research Chairs (CERC) appointments cannot be released to the media or formally announced by universities or chairholders until the Government of Canada has made its official public announcement. Public announcements are held following each CERC competition and are done in consultation with universities in order to gain maximum media exposure for all involved. Prior to the official public announcement, new CERC appointments are to be treated as confidential and should not be announced to the public in any form.

Note: In order to ensure that this policy does not prevent you from meeting your research objectives, if there is a lag between the effective start date of your CERC appointment and the public announcement you may use your title informally (e.g., when recruiting students, on business cards, at conferences, on your CV, when applying for other research funding, on your personal website, etc.) during such time.

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Chairholder Title

What is my chairholder title?

Your official chairholder title is "Canada Excellence Research Chair in (your area of research)." For example, your title might be "Canada Excellence Research Chair in Environmental Economics."

The title should not use symbols or short forms (e.g., use "and" instead of "&"). Where possible, it should be simple and short enough for the media and the public to understand and use.

What is the benefit of using my chairholder title?

By making a conscious and continuous effort to use your chairholder title, you promote both your reputation as a world-class researcher and the value of the CERC program.

Can I change my chairholder title?

Yes. If you would like to change your chairholder title, please contact us at so that we can check for possible duplication and ensure that your new title is media friendly. Once it is approved, we will translate the title and make the necessary changes on our website.

What if I am jointly funded and need to refer to my other source of funding in my title?

If you are jointly funded, we ask that you put the other funding partner's name first followed by "Canada Excellence Research Chair" to keep the integrity of the title.

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Publications, Presentations and Conferences

The guidelines for acknowledging support from the CERC program in professional communications are similar to those established by Canada's three federal granting agencies.

In all professional publications, presentations and conferences, we ask you to identify yourself as a Canada Excellence Research Chair and acknowledge the contribution of the program to your research. Please use the following wording for the acknowledgement:

"This research was undertaken, in part, thanks to funding from the Canada Excellence Research Chairs Program."

When you are invited to speak publicly, we also ask you to ensure that you are identified as a Canada Excellence Research Chair in the official event documentation (e.g., program, scenario, pamphlets, advertisements, etc.). When giving a speech or presentation, we ask that you mention that you are a Canada Excellence Research Chair as well as the benefits of this role (e.g., positive impact on your research and on the graduate students who work with you).

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Website, Business Cards, Letterhead, Email Signature

If you have your own website, we ask you to refer to your chairholder title and provide a link from the title to your profile on the CERC website. In addition, we ask that any reference on your university's website to your role as a Canada Excellence Research Chair include a link to the CERC website.

Please provide us with the URL for your website so that we can add it to your profile on the CERC website. You can send the URL to us at

We also ask that you add your chairholder title to your business card, letterhead and email signature.

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Media, Publicity and Outreach

We encourage you to identify yourself in media interviews as the "Canada Excellence Research Chair in (research discipline) at (name of institution)" and to wear your CERC lapel pin. Note: Should you lose your CERC lapel pin, please contact the CERC secretariat to obtain a replacement.

If you produce an op-ed article, we ask that you provide your official chairholder title along with your name.

If the public affairs office of your university is issuing any documents to the media that refer to your research, please ensure that your official chairholder title is featured.

Should I inform CERC communications staff when I am making a presentation abroad?

Although not a requirement, we would appreciate being informed of any presentations you are giving abroad so that we can alert Canadian embassies and consulates. Embassy and consulate staff members are well positioned to capitalize on your visit and possibly enable networking activities. Please contact us with information about any international presentations, visits and talks by sending an email to We will ensure that the information is circulated to the appropriate people.

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Canada Excellence Research Chairs Logo

Use of the CERC logo and the "Canada" wordmark is regulated by the Federal Identity Program of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. If you would like to use the logo or the wordmark in any print or electronic publications please contact the webmaster.

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Research Results, Honours and Awards

Do I need to inform you about the results of my research?

We like to be informed about your research as a chairholder so that we can promote your accomplishments and build greater awareness of the CERC program.

Do I need to inform you about honours and awards I receive?

As with the results of your research, we like to be informed of any honours or awards you receive so that we can promote these through the CERC website and in other promotional materials.

How often do I need to keep you updated?

There is no set schedule for keeping us up-to-date on your accomplishments and discoveries. We simply ask that you make a point of touching base with us when you feel you have something to share that is newsworthy.

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