CERC Review Panel Biographies- Irene Tracey

Dr. Irene Tracey is the Nuffield Professor of Anaesthetic Science and director of the Oxford Centre for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain (FMRIB), Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics & Clinical Neurology, at the University of Oxford.

Using non-invasive imaging techniques, she and her team are working to understand pain processing within the human central nervous system. They are also researching the neural basis for pain relief, induced either psychologically or pharmacologically. The FMRIB centre is a world-class neuro-imaging laboratory that specializes in all areas of imaging science, including magnetic resonance physics, image analysis, and basic and clinical neuroscience. 

Tracey was an undergraduate and graduate at the University of Oxford. She has won numerous academic prizes for her research, including the Gibbs Prize at Oxford in 1989, and the Patrick D. Wall medal from the Royal College of Anaesthetists for contributions to pain research in 2008.